Who We Are

CRS is a family. It was started by family and the team continues to work as a family – by choice if not by blood. Our clients are our family too. And, in fact, most of our families are our clients.

Our Values


We are Family

Once you become a client, you become part of our CRS Family and we will look after you as one of our own.


Your Family is Our Family

We will look after them too.


This Is Your Life & Your Money

We are very aware that this is your journey and that you are affording us the privilege of helping you along the way. You determine the agenda and you determine the outcomes.


We Want To See You Happy & Successful

Our job is to help you succeed in achieving your goals, meeting your needs and reaching your dreams. We want to see you stay true to yourself and true to your course.


We Will Always Put Your Needs First

Your success is our success – but your success comes first. We will do whatever we are able to ensure that your needs are served ahead of ours and, if a conflict arises, we commit to prioritizing your needs above our own.


We Will Always Talk To You

All good relationships require good communication. When it comes to you and your money, this is especially true. We will always talk to you and make sure that you understand what is happening with your portfolio – be it good or bad.


We Will Stand By You

You are family and we want to see you succeed. All family struggles sometimes and, in those struggles, we will stand by you and support you. We have got your back.

Our Team

Angela Saltas

Angela is the Director and the lead Financial Planner at CRS. She holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning as well as an Advanced Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration. Angela is also a Professional Business Coach. She is a member of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI) and has passed all her Regulatory Exams.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Angela Saltas is involved in creating, monitoring and maintaining holistic financial planning solutions for individual and corporate clients according to their needs and means. Constant research and analysis ensures that solutions are appropriate both to client requirements as well as to the ruling economic environment.

Through her experience and expertise in Estate and Trust Administration, Angela is able to formulate thorough and appropriate Estate Plans that are more than a few simple documents. An Estate Plan is a vital structure to ensure that your family is well cared for – both financially and practically.

Angela’s skills as a Professional Business Coach are employed to reinforce the belief that her client’s finances should support their goals rather than being a goal in itself. Using coaching practices, clients are encouraged to identify their life goals so that the Financial Plan can be developed in support thereof.

Michelle Abubaker

Michelle started her Financial Planning journey at Old Mutual’s Graduate Programme, obtaining her Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning during that time. Before that, she completed her Bachelor of Law with a specialisation in Financial Planning Law. Michelle has successfully completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Estate Planning and is currently studying towards her Board Certification. Michelle is responsible for Portfolio Analysis and Reporting for existing clients. She oversees the onboarding of new clients as well as manages the Financial Planning Process for new and existing clients.

Jessie Chipuriro

Jessie holds her Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree in Business Management. She has completed her Wealth Management qualification as well as her Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, which will allow her to become Board Certified. Jessie is currently studying towards her Postgraduate Diploma in Estate Planning. Jessie is also responsible for Portfolio Analysis and Reporting for existing clients. She oversees the onboarding of new clients as well as manages the Financial Planning Process for new and existing clients.

Isbel Lovell

Isbel has been with CRS since 2010, having been a client beforehand. She truly knows all sides of the business. Isbel has completed her Certificate in Financial Products, Certificate in Financial Planning, and the Higher Certificate in Financial Planning. Isbel is responsible for all reporting functions – monthly and annually.

Manty Seema

Manty has been with CRS since 2016 and joined the team bringing with her excellent programming and computing skills. Manty is currently completing her Certificate in Financial Products after which she will begin her Certificate in Financial Planning. Manty is responsible for all portfolio administration.  

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mario and Annalie

We have had a long and happy relationship with CRS who have served as both personal and business advisors. Aside from her astute and up to date knowledge of financial markets, Angela makes us feel like she cares for our financial wellbeing as if we were part of her own family. She has never been too busy to answer our concerns immediately, albeit that we have sometimes asked the same questions before. Thanks to CRS we have more money today than we had when we retired 10 years ago. The old Joshua Doore advert said:  “You have an uncle in the furniture business.” With Angela, we have a family member in the Financial Services business.


I would like to thank Angela and the CRS Team most sincerely for the way in which they have handled both my Personal and our Family Trust Investments over the past few years. When Angela took over from her father, we watched in awe as she took over our Investments and guided us to both Local and International Markets. Not one of her suggestions has been wrong! Quite a record I think!

One other point – I have recommended some of my more ‘Mature’ friends to CRS for advice and they have been so impressed by the understanding of their needs and wants. Angela has such a knack of putting them at ease when they are so incredibly stressed and uncertain. They are all now totally secure, knowing that their investments will see them through!


I have been dealing with CRS for a number of years as has my entire family – from my elderly father to my daughters. They accommodate each person’s requirements with ease, be they is tax issues, Estate advice or just simplifying the various aspects of my portfolio. They have assisted perfectly without making me feel like an idiot.  In the first couple of months of COVID-19, Angela phoned me to allay my fears and explain how we were going to ride it out before I could even contact her. This attention to detail applies to all her staff.

Bram and Janita

Angela and her team are effortlessly effective, delivering client-centered, practical solutions with lasting results.  Nothing is ever too much trouble, the administration is seamless and communication is on-point and relevant.  Angela is always adding new skills to her already impressive repertoire of qualifications and uses these skills to always deliver up-to-date, relevant investment options. We trust her completely with our financial planning and know that she has our best interests at heart.


I consider myself fortunate to have been introduced to CRS by my father, who himself has been a client for many years. Over the years, CRS has been reliable, steady and calm – high praise in these turbulent times- and has helped me achieve a suitable retirement plan. Regular meetings to review my portfolio help keep my plan current, and summaries help me track my investments efficiently. My interactions with CRS have always been professional, efficient and above all, approachable. Angela is always available to help. I appreciate the CRS commitment to me.


I recently decided to  move to CRS, as Angela (and her fantastic team) have the qualities that I am looking for in a financial adviser. Angela does not only provide me with advice pertaining to my financial goals, she is a partner in my life’s journey providing me with guidance, care and support wherever it is needed. Angela is committed to providing a service that is not only efficient but also premised on her clients feeling like family – a non-judgemental, warm and safe environment to grow and achieve your goals in a way that feels authentic and accessible. I feel blessed to have Angela in my life!

Peter and Ingrid

We have used CRS for more than 20 years. During that time, we have benefitted from a professional and friendly service of outstanding quality. Not only has CRS managed the investment portfolio in a successful manner, in spite of several JSE perturbations, particularly recently, but we have also used their expertise in planning for unusual events, such as allocating capital to dependants for major expenditures, such as buying a new house. Diversification of retirement funds within local and overseas markets has been a particular strength of CRS and their professional staff. We recommend Angela and her staff highly.

How We Protect You

To ensure that our clients are fully and properly protected against mismanagement and financial loss due to negligence or misrepresentation, CRS subscribes to the principles laid out in the FAIS Act and ensures that all policies and procedures are within the ambit of the FAIS General Code of Conduct as well as the FPI Code of Conduct.

CRS remains up-to-date with all current and proposed legislation and continuously improves on our policies and procedures to ensure that the client’s interests are always held in the highest regard. Our compliance with legislation is also externally monitored by Moonstone Compliance.


Part of our commitment to the ethical and fair treatment of clients includes the implementation of a Conflict of Interest Policy that ensures that the practice of putting client’s need ahead of our own is not only ingrained in the culture of the company, but also enforceable by company policy.


CRS has a specific Complaints Procedure in the event that a client is dissatisfied with the advice and services provided. We take client feedback, both positive and negative, very seriously. This procedure document is held in our offices and may be viewed on request. Should a client’s complaint not be addressed to the satisfaction of the client within 6 weeks of the original notification, clients may contact the FAIS Ombud.