Our Charges

Initial Financial Planning and Implementation Fee

CRS charges an Initial Financial Planning and Implementation Fee of R28,750 (including VAT) which covers the first five steps of the financial planning process, the output of which is the Financial Plan and the Estate Plan. This amount is payable directly to CRS prior to our starting the process, but after our initial Introductory Meeting.

Consulting Fee

CRS will charge a Consulting Fee for ad hoc Projects at an hourly rate of R1,750.00 or will agree a fixed fee per task.

Annual Advice and Intermediary Services Fee

We realise that, in order to meet long term objectives, a rigorous, defined and proactive long-term service model is essential. The key principles of this arrangement are the administration and management of the client’s financial life. The ongoing service fee covers the ongoing review, management and maintenance of the portfolio as well as various regular reporting, communications and advisory services. This fee is based on the client’s assets under management and calculated using a sliding scale. For existing clients, CRS does not charge any fees on funds being invested – there is no reduction in the value of contributions and the full amounts are allocated to your portfolio.

Explanation of the various Annual Fees levied on your Portfolio

In Financial Planning, there are layers of service providers, each carrying their own cost. An important aspect to note is that fees are not related to performance – so, whether in a high or low growth environment, the fees will remain relatively static. CRS firmly believes that no two portfolios can be wholly alike – as no two clients are wholly alike, nor are their needs and objectives the same. Every portfolio is analysed specifically according to that clients’ needs and every solution is bespoke. Fees are an inevitable part of investing and we do what we can to ensure that your portfolio is cost-effective – without sacrificing quality and service.


Fund and Discretionary Investment Management (DIM) Fees / Total Investment Charge (TIC) / Expected Annual Cost (EAC)

Funds charge fees for managing the money.

While we do make use of various types of funds where we feel their inclusion in the portfolio is appropriate, we seek to identify the funds that are able to deliver above-average returns at below-average risk.  Each fund that is included in the portfolio has a specific function – nothing is incidental. In the strategies that we use at CRS, our fund selection process certainly looks at fees but does not use that as a single determinant for inclusion. Where Fund Selection is concerned, CRS prioritizes value over cost.

Discretionary Investment Managers charge fees for analysing, selecting and maintaining the best of funds.

The bonus of having a DIM is often in the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness that they offer. DIMs are usually able to get great fund pricing by buying in bulk and are better positioned than Joe-Public to analyse which funds are best combined. More often than not, they usually cost you less overall than if you did the job yourself.
The DIM Fees form part of the Fund Fees in our portfolios and the overall cost is seldom higher than if our clients were to select their own funds at retail prices – so we enjoy all the benefits of the DIM at little to no extra cost to the client.


Platform Fees

Platforms charge fees for providing the facility to house the portfolio.
Selecting a platform that provides a quality service, and will continue to do so over the long-term, is a choice that seeks to get value for money.

If the product is predetermined, then our job is to find the company that provides the most efficient and cost-effective platform option. Cheapest is not always best in this case.

At CRS we make use of Ninety-One and Allan Gray as our ports of first call. The reason for those choices has everything to do with the service that we can expect you to receive for the cost – which is pretty similar across the board.

Advice Fees

CRS charges a fee for the advice and the maintenance of your Financial Strategy as well as all the services that are ongoing in the journey of your financial plan.

Our advice focuses on working with you, the client, to understand your needs and circumstances and the determining the best route to get you closer to achieving your financial goals.

CRS charges advice fees on a tiered basis.
The fee is related to service and it is our belief that the better we work in creating and implementing the portfolio strategy, the less likely the portfolio is to fall over during economic storms.