Our Process

Most Financial Planning relationships are borne out of meeting a specific need and grow from there. This is not a one-size-fits-all relationship. Knowing this, we approach all new relationships with a degree of flexibility. We want to assist you in meeting your most urgent needs first and then we commit to taking you through a series of financial planning themes and stages, each with their own steps and processes. The final result, which will take time to complete, will be a full and comprehensive Financial Plan that supports your life goals and objectives. It will also include your Estate Plan as well as your End-of-Life Plan, if you so require.

We follow the 6-Step Planning Process but we allow for flexibility and deviations along the way. We think of the process as a long-distance road trip and no two journeys are the same. Planning the trip, mapping the route and getting you off the starting blocks takes time. And then keeping you on track and applying our checks and balances takes the rest of your life.

Our 6 Step Financial Planning Process

Step 1:

Meet & Greet

Our initial meeting is to establish an understanding of you  and to talk you through how we do things . It is an opportunity to meet and establish whether there is potential for a working relationship.

Step 2:

Getting To Know You

Knowing who you are, where you come from, and what drives you is the starting point. From there we will work through where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Step 3:

Planning The Trip

Once we know more about you, we will start to look into your financial position, analysing whether your drivers and your goals align with your current financial position or whether changes are required.

Step 4:

Mapping The Route

Once we know where you want to go, we will figure out how to help you get there and talk you through the various options available to you.

Step 5:

The Starting the Blocks

Once you have made the decision to move ahead, we will work towards putting your portfolio into a structure that works to meet your goals and desires, and support your drivers.

Step 6:

Checks & Balances

From this point forward the real journey begins. Together, we need to check on the plan regularly to ensure that it remains appropriately structured, aligned with your goals, and on track to meet your objectives. This is the beginning of a life-long friendship between you and us.