Estate Planning & Management

Your family is our family – We will look after them too!

Financial Planning does not end with you – planning for what will happen if you are no longer around is just as important a consideration. Estate Planning is multi-faceted and requires an in-depth analysis of what things will look like after your death. It includes a variety of decisions and documents. Honouring your family means looking after them for their lifetime – especially if it extends beyond your own.

Your Will

Your Last Will and Testament is an instruction of your wishes on death. It covers many of your assets and serves to elect key role-players, such as your Executor, Trust Administrators, Guardians to your minor children. It governs the distribution of your Assets.

Your Funds

Some contracts and funds do not fall inside your Estate or are not paid into your Estate. Planning who should receive these monies is an important part of your overall Estate Plan.  Your Beneficiary Nominations on these contracts needs to be considered.

Your Dependants

Your dependents need to be cared for and how need to decide who should provide that care. Nominating a Guardian for your minor children is an important decision – one that requires careful thought and consideration so that you know that you have catered for all possibilities.

Your Personal Items

Your personal items are important and often carry intangible value. You need to have a clear plan on what will happen with items of a personal or sentimental nature. Writing a Letter of Wishes provides clarity for your family around who you would like to keep which of your personal effects.

Your Funeral

The last thing that your family should have to grapple with after losing you is trying to figure out what you would have wanted. Having an express plan for your funeral / memorial / remains removes stress from an already emotional situation. It gives your family an opportunity to honour your wishes and give you a proper send-off.